SharePoint won’t uninstall

12 May

So you need to uninstall SharePoint and you go to the Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs and select “Remove”. It goes through telling you that certain services will have to be restarted etc etc and it seems to start the uninstall process with the progress bar but then it the screen just blinks and your back at the Add/Remove Programs box with SharePoint still there. This is usually a pretty simple issue but there have been two instances when this has happened to me.

One instance is where you still have databases that are connected to the SharePoint instance you’re attempting to uninstall. You need to remove the databases or at least detach or take offline the ones that are there. If not, SharePoint still sees it as an existing connection and could stop the uninstall from happening. However, this is not always the case.

Another instance is simply if your Application Log in the Event Viewer is full. It seems silly but if you’ve ever had your server hang for no apparent reason then it’s an easy fix but not something  you think of right off the bat. As soon as I set the Application Log to overwrite as needed it uninstalled successfully.

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Posted by on May 12, 2009 in SharePoint Common Issues


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